Our eco-friendly

Our campsite has been awarded the Eco-label

Our eco-friendly commitments

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Les Embruns is actively involved in and committed to environmental management, waste, water and energy management.

We have worked on a system to reduce water and energy consumption and to limit the campsite’s impact on nature. Thanks to our efforts, we have been awarded the European Eco-label by AFNOR

Here are the actions we have put in place :


  • The shower/toilet facilities, public water points and holiday homes are equipped with a water efficient system.
  • Our staff have been trained to detect leaks.


  • In our holiday homes and in the shower/toilet blocks we are gradually replacing our lighting with energy saving lightbulbs.
  • The electrical equipment (fridge, oven, etc) in our new cottages are energy efficiency rating A ou A+.
  • The public areas are fitted with self switching lighting.
  • A key contact system is installed in the cottages, which saves on energy as the lights are only turned on in the presence of guests in the mobile home.
  • By choosing to sign up to the Certificate Balance, we are supporting the development of renewable energy.


  • The campsite disposes of a recycling area.
  • Dangerous waste and used cooking oil are stocked separately and collected by specialised recycling companies.
  • To protect the environment, our carrier bags are reusable (not disposable bags).
  • composting area is at your disposal, which can be used by guests near the orchard.


  • The majority of the cleaning products we use are eco-friendly.
  • We do not use chemical fertiliser but prefer to use natural fertiliser (which comes from the waste compost) + natural waste from our animals.
  • Some of our green waste is used for composting.


  • We have planted over 8000 plants of various species.
  • We favour plants that do not need watering.
  • We have 2 secured tanks which help maintain the animal and vegetable biodiversity.


  • We use recycled paper for our brochures and paper.
  • We favour communication by email.
  • We organise exploratory walks and nature visits.
  • For your visual and acoustic comfort, our pitches are separated by hedges.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to circulate on the site from 10pm to 7.30am.
  • Near the campsite you can hire bikes
  • We have a holiday home adapted for the disabled so we can welcome all our guests in the best conditions.

We would love to hear your advice and suggestions so we can take our environmental commitments a step further.